Best long gun safe – Review

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If you are on the lookout for the best long gun safe, then look no further. You have just found it in the 2-hour fire rated Steelwater Extreme Duty 45 Long Gun safe.

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We know how important it is to keep your hunting rifles, long guns and handguns safely and securely stored away. As responsible firearm owners and enthusiasts, we also know you want to ensure you are compliant with firearm safety rules along with local laws and regulations.

Long Gun Safe Damaged By A House Fire.

But above all else, you don’t want criminals or untrained individuals (curious kids) having access to your guns and for your family to be safe. 

The Steelwater Extreme Duty 45 Long Gun safe has left no doubt in my mind that it is the best long gun safe for the money available today and because of its capacity there is plenty of room for my rifle collection to grow.

I now feel confident in keeping my firearms in this safe, and you will too once you take a look at the features of this huge safe.

If you are on the hunt for a new gun safe, this guide aims to make your search a bit easier by providing you valuable information on quality, super-strong safe. 

Let’s Take A Look at the Safe 

It can sometimes be hard to visualise just how large an item is by looking at the pictures. So let me be very clear this safe is not for you if have limited space in your garage or you only have a couple of long guns because this safe is HUGE.

Because of this, I cannot stress how important it is to measure where you’re hoping to put it before you decide on purchasing this safe. This includes any doorways that you will need to manoeuvre it through to get it to its final resting place.

Here are the dimensions: 78 x 44 x 31 inches 

if you use the link above Steelwater make life a lot easier by offering Free delivery which just leaves you with install to arrange yourself.

This safe weighs in at 1250 lbs so you will want to be sure you have the proper equipment available and a couple of strong friends on hand to get this safe where it needs to be. 

We started off trying to manhandle the safe but quickly realized this wasn’t going to work. 

So after a quick trip to the hardware store to buy a hand truck we found that this made the job a lot easier and made quick work of lifting and navigating the safe through doorways and into place without fingers getting in the way.

Avoid throwing your back out and other injuries by making sure that you are fully ready on delivery day to move the safe with the correct tools and helpers. 

The safe is a slick black with a handsome Steelwater logo emblazoned on the bottom and a beautiful LED-backlit keypad. The lighting is automatically included for you.  The safe is a semi-gloss, powder-coated black finish and also features sharp silver detailing, plus a chrome handle that is beautiful and functional.

Display of the safe oppen showing the shelves and racks along with handgun pouches on the back of the safe door
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The safe is constructed of a 9 gauge steel with a ¼ inch steel plate in the whole door. The body features bevelled, decorated edges. The decorative, larger size external hinges are an improvement as well. 

There are four layers of fire-board plus an extra quarter-inch thick layer of “firewall” that makes for a total of five layers of fireproofing in all areas of the safe: the walls, the floor, the ceiling, and the door jambs.  This is much better than many other safes you will find. 

The door opens to a height of 61 and ⅞ of an inch and has a width of 34 and ¾ of an inch. 

Another cool thing about the door is the way in which it reacts to heat. The door is heat activated and features an expandable seal that will keep smoke and water out, expanding up to 8 times its original thickness in case a fire ever happens. 

The safe holds a maximum of 45 long guns, 15 stored in each section. The average recommended capacity of this particular safe is anywhere from 33 to 39 firearms. 

Features of this Gun Safe

We have already touched briefly on the appearance of the gun safe. Now let’s discuss the features of this product. 

To start, I really like that the keypad is EMP proof. While EMPs may be the stuff of “conspiracy” Youtube videos, I do find that in this crazy world anything can happen, and it is better to be protected than to not be. This provides me with some peace of mind. 

The keypad is digital and has a double-bitted bypass key. You will never have to fear being locked out of your safe. Inside the safe, when we open it up, there is a not too-bright LED light so you can always select the correct firearm for the task at hand. (This is great for those early-morning hunting trips when my eyes are still adjusting to the light). 

The outlet is guaranteed to fit any USA/North American outlet. It features three 110 volt A/C plugs, plus two USB ports. 

Home that has been destroyed by fire -
Not Much Is Left After A House Fire

One thing I really want to stress is that it is rated for 2 hours of fire protection at 1875 degrees F. Heaven forbid a fire ever happen in your home, you know your firearms are safe for at least a little while till help arrives. This, again, is far superior to other safes out there. 

The locking bolts on this safe are also great. They are improved, featuring 25% longer locking bolts. This includes a total of 20 solid steel locking bolts, and 8x hard plate that will protect against drilling on the lock, the gear drive, the re-locker and other sensitive areas of the linkages. 13 of these are chrome plated active bolds, and the remaining 7 are inactive bolts located on the hinge side, making for a total of four sides of bolt coverage. 

Anybody who attempts to pry, drill or punch the safe will be met with disappointment-the safe has been constructed to prevent against all of this. There is a gear-driven lock and bolt system that will protect you against things like this. 

Steelwater Long Gun safe open showing security bolts extended
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We should also note that the safe is ballistic resistant thanks to its hard plate that is 8 times larger, and does a superb job of protecting the combo dial, re-locker, gear drive and linkages.  There is also an internal and external re-locking system that is spring-loaded that will secure the safe in the event the lock is punched out or otherwise removed during a burglary or attack.

When discussing local laws and general rules for safekeeping of firearms, this safe is great and it exceeds the California Department of Justice standards for residential security containers.   

Storing Firearms In the Safe

Inside, you will find that the safe can store a maximum of 45 firearms, but it is recommended you store only about 33-39. There is a fully upholstered, beautiful grey interior featuring a three-section gun rack. These racks are capable of storing 15 long guns in each section. There are a total of 8 shelves that are removable and adjustable to suit your needs. 

There are two larger, full-length shelves measuring in at width: 37 5/8” x depth: 18 1/2” and these are reinforced with two steel u-channels that will ensure the shelves do not break or sag when you stack things on them. 

This also comes with six smaller shelves, these measure in at width  11 3/4” x depth: 18 3/4”. You can only use these in the right and left sections of the gun rack so keep that in mind. 

In addition to these great shelving units, you can also take advantage of the free door organiser that is included as a special bonus. This helps you store pistols and other valuable items (even non-firearm related goods). There is also a silica gel dehumidifying box that is included when you buy this safe. 

What To Know Before You Buy

If you live in New York, be sure to verify this can come to you. This safe will not ship to New York zip codes that start with 100-104 or 110-119. If it is difficult to get to you-that is, if you live in a remote area such as an island, a place that requires a ferry service, or other special methods of arrival, it may be hard to get the safe to you.  If you have any questions, be sure you read over shipping details and call with any questions or concerns. 

If you plan on bolting down your safe when you get it, you will be glad to know that there are 4 pre-drilled anchor holes measuring a half-inch in diameter that’s made in the ¼” steel base plate for added security.

They have been reinforced with ¼” steel plate for added security. You can use this information to be sure you have the correct tools to bolt down the safe once it arrives. 

What Others Said

Users far and wide really liked the safe.  Although the safe has only 11 ratings, it is important to note that the reviews were all positive. To give you an idea: 

“This thing is massive. My safe came with a few spots on the inside, the guys at Steelwater took care of me and made it right immediately.”– Leslie Lipkaman

“This safe is way better than I expected. It is very heavy duty and heavy. Would highly recommend this…”- Natore

“It’s a large, well-built safe. You get a LOT for your money with this safe.” – Tommy Cooper

These are all real Amazon reviews you can read for yourself. Also, take note that Steelwater reps are always on top of answering consumer questions-see the Questions section for more details. 


Ready to see for yourself what this gun safe can do for you? Check it out by clicking here on Amazon. It’s a great quality safe made by a company that knows how important your safety and firearms are to you.